Honor Our Vets Program

The Honor Our Vets Program was created under Indiana’s Next Level Veterans initiative.  Honor Our Vets is sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (“IHCDA”) in partnership with Conexus Indiana through INvets.  Honor Our Vets was specifically designed to help Indiana employers recruit qualified military veterans to fill positions in Indiana by providing relocation assistance to those qualified military veterans through eligible employers.

Program Eligibility

To qualify to become an Honor Our Vets Participating Employer, you must:

  1. Sign a Usage of Information Agreement with INvets.
  2. Have a relocation policy or procedure in place.
  3. Sign an Honor Our Vets Employer Program Agreement with IHCDA.

These three program eligibility requirements must have occurred prior to IHCDA reimbursing an Honor Our Vets Participating Employer for the amount of relocation related expenses paid to an eligible veteran.

Reimbursement Process

  1. Review profiles of eligible veterans in the INvets portal.
  2. Hire an eligible veteran. An eligible veteran is: (1) a veteran who is interested in relocating to Indiana for employment with a participating employer; and (2) who has created a profile on INvets.org, prior to accepting employment and relocating to Indiana.
  3. Reimburse the eligible veteran for his or her family’s relocation expenses in accordance with your relocation policy or procedure in an amount not to exceed $5,000 per household.
  4. Provide IHCDA with an invoice and receipts for the eligible veteran’s relocation related expenses that were paid to the eligible veteran by your organization.
  5. IHCDA will reimburse your organization for the amount of the relocation related expenses that you paid to the eligible veteran, not to exceed $5,000 per household.