NextLevel Veterans partners with employers, nonprofits and communities throughout Indiana to make the state the best place for veterans to live work and play. If you are an employer looking for veteran talent, we would love to work with you. Below are some of the most frequent questions employers have.

What is it Next Level Veterans?

Next Level Veterans is a public/private partnership between the State of Indiana and INvets that aims to increase the number of veterans employed in Indiana, as well as facilitate a seamless transition to the civilian workforce for the former service members. Why is this important? Indiana has more than 80,000 unfilled jobs and is facing a skills gap in many industries. Military service members transitioning to the civilian sector represent a large population that has honed many of the employability skills that employers want. Plus, many veterans are willing to relocate.

How do employers benefit?

Employers that register gain access to the pool of veteran candidates. This means employers will be able to see candidates from military bases around the country without having to send their own team and learn the transition process themselves.

What else does the Next Level Veterans program offer?

As an incentive to veterans, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has created the Honor Our Vets program that will grant up to $5,000 to veterans moving to Indiana for the purpose of relocation and housing. These funds must flow through employers that have registered.

Is there any cost to employers?

While sponsorship levels are available, there is no cost for an employer to register and take advantage of this program.

How do I register my company?

Interested employers should email Wes Wood who can answer questions and begin the registration process.